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Open Letter Request for Teacher Volunteers

As we commit to liberation, truth, anti-racism and organizing the like-minded, we should never stop finding ways to leave a lasting legacy for our youth.

Many of you may know, I had been happily homeschooling prior to 2020's pandemic and forced virtual learning. In fact, we were set to open an in-person homeschooling co-op Fall 2020 but that is obviously postponed for now. Instead, I have been curating multi-week courses especially for African American and Black children. BUT in the meantime, I am involved in a Black Education Project to provide 100 free classes to Black kids. This program is one of a kind and allows children to be exposed to coaches, mentors, teachers, educators and other professionals who they otherwise may not be able to learn from, ever! 

You already know Black kids are being left out of pandemic learning pods and bubbles. Many of our children, families, parents and mothers have been at a disadvantage without in person learning of any kind. This has resulted in a huge educational divide and increased engagement gap concerning Black kids.

Therefore, the volunteer parents, teachers and organizers of 100 Free Classes for Black Kids are committed to providing quality educational options to combat the COVID Slide.

Please consider teaching a class that children are never taught in school, such as: Covid Care, African Diasporic Affirmations and public speaking, Nubia, Kemet and Kush, West African dancing and/or drumming, What do I do if I am approached by a police officer?, Know your rights and responsibilities when interacting with law enforcement, how to start investing in real estate, pathways to nontraditional high paying trades (welder, radiologic technician etc), how to invest in stocks, what is a hedge fund?, how to go to college without paying or owing a dime back, quantum entanglement, bitcoin basics, etc.

Our kids would greatly benefit from your knowledge and expertise. You can even customize your class for duration, age range, and your personal interests. I hope you join me on this journey of reimagining and recreating education for all Black kids of the Diaspora. 

Use the link  below to sign up to teach:

Thank you.

In solidarity,


Hajar Muqtasid St. Claire

Teacher Liaison 

100 Classes for Black Kids

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